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CSS minifier to minify CSS is the best practice for making your website faster by decreasing the file size. Minifying CSS is the process of removing all unnecessary characters, whitespaces, indentation and comments or redundant data from the CSS code to compress CSS file size so it can load easily. 

You can use the online CSS minifier to minify CSS files for faster loading times and better performance scores. In today's article, we will discuss the tool to minify CSS. The minifier removes irrelevant code to make your website faster and smaller.

What is CSS and what is it used for?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used for styling websites, i.e. adding colors, margins, paddings, text styles, background images and all other stuff that can make any website beautiful or appealing to the eyes.

In other words, it will decide how the website will appear on the browser. Without CSS, the website will look just a boring piece of text. You can understand CSS as a website's makeover.

There are three ways of adding CSS scripts to the HTML file. Firstly, you can create a separate file for CSS elements and link it to the HTML file, i.e. external CSS. The extension for saving CSS files is ".css".

The second way of styling HTML elements is to add a CSS code in the head section and within tag, i.e. internal CSS.

The third and last way of styling website elements is to use inline CSS, i.e. placing style items within HTML elements tags.

The external and internal CSS type is for global styling, whereas inline CSS only applies to a single element.

About the online CSS minifier

CSS minify tool use CSS code for the removal of comments, white spaces elements and newline, the use of shorter variable and function names, and text indentation. CSS minify process does not affect the code processing.

You can minify CSS with online minify CSS tools. Online CSS minifier tools can enhance website performance by increasing site speed and decreasing load time. The more code there is in a file, the larger it will be. Minified code reduces file size, so it is usually much smaller than the original version.

How to minify CSS using FreeNerdTools

Freenerdtools is an excellent platform to compress the size of the CSS file and minify your CSS scripts. Moreover, it provides assess to hundreds of developers' and designers' best online CSS tools free of cost.

With its free online CSS minifier and compressor tool, you can also make your website smaller and improve its loading speed. The tool is straightforward to use. You just have to copy the CSS source code or cascading style sheets and paste the file into the text field. The tool allows you to compress your CSS without changing its functionality.

Minified CSS vs normal which is faster?

CSS minifier to minify style sheets is extremely important to make your website smaller and faster. CSS minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters without changing their functionality. It speeds up the download and webpage loading time. The minified file is almost 20% smaller than the original CSS file. So, the best practice for embedding CSS style sheets is to minify CSS online.

How CSS minification improves speed

Minification eliminates all the unnecessary characters from the CSS code to make the website smaller and faster. It spaces elements and newline characters. In addition to that, it also helps the browser download and processes CSS files faster, increasing site speed and improving user experience. 

How speed improves SEO

Page speed is one of the ranking factors in SERPs. Slow sites turn visitors away. Fast sites provide good user experiences for your visitors, and Google ranks those sites higher than slow-loading ones. In short, increasing page speed means an increase in bounce rate and a reduction in dwell time.

Minify CSS in VSCode

To minify CSS, HTML or JavaScript vscode, install the extension name "Minify". Then, go to your CSS file. Press Ctrl+Shift+P to open the command palette. Type and hit "Minify" from the dropdown. As soon as you click minify, you can see the minified file of your code on the left.

Minify CSS in WordPress

In WordPress, you can use plugins to minify CSS for faster download time and better performance scores. There are a lot of free plugins available to minify and compress CSS files. A few of them are Autoptimize, WP Fastest Cache, Fast Velocity Minify and W3 Total Cache.

How to unminify CSS in visual studio code

Minified code is often difficult to read. Unminifying CSS will make the CSS code easy to comprehend for humans. You can install any extension, i.e. Prettier, Unminify, CodeBeautify, Digital Inspiration Beautifier, Code Beautifier or DirtyMarkup Beautifier etc., to beautify your code and reverse the CSS minification.

Other ways to make your website faster

Besides CSS minification, there are some other ways to make your website faster. Some of them are mentioned below:

Minify JS

Minify your JavaScript code and make it smaller in size. It's one of the main methods used to reduce load times, newlines and bandwidth usage on websites. The minification process is also known as minimization. JS minification is the process of removing unnecessary characters from JavaScript source code without altering its functionality. You can access JS Minifier from the best SEO tools available on the Freenerdtools site.

Minify HTML

Minifying HTML code with HTML Minifier is a best practice when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It improves the loading time of your site.

WebP images

WebP images, a modern image format, drastically improve the speed of a website by decreasing the size of image files and storage space. It provides superior lossless and lossy image compression. It achieves an average of 30% more compression than traditional JPG and JPEG formats.

Use a CDN

Use CDN to decrease response rate. CDN stands for Control Delivery Network. It stores a cached version of the website's static contents to handle user requests within no time. Top websites, like Facebook, Amazon and Netflix, also uses CDN for a better user experience.

Gzip compression

Gzip is a technology used by servers to compress web pages before sending to the client side. It is one of the ways to improve page load time and page load speed without compromising quality. This compressor tool reduces the size of web pages to enhance page speed. Smaller files mean faster load times.

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