Remove duplicate lines from text

About our duplicate lines remover

Duplicate lines of text can be found and removed online with Free Nerd Tools duplicate line remover. The tool compares all your text lines and removes any lines that are identical to each other. Once this has been done, you can copy the unique text lines. You can also see a count of how many lines were removed. Text files are something we all use every day. It doesn't matter if it's a list of file paths, people's names, or things to accomplish. Text lines that are duplicated are often needed to be removed. You can achieve this with the free nerd duplicate lines remover tool.

Remove duplicate lines from text using our online tool

Here is how to make sure that your text is free of duplicate lines using our tool:

  • While on our duplicate lines remover tool, paste or type the text that needs to be checked in the input field.
  • Your text will be processed once you click "Submit."
  • It displays the total number of original lines and the number of lines that were removed.
  • You can work with your data now that you have access. You have the option of copying it to your clipboard as well.

Remove duplicate lines in Notepad++

The number of ways in which the same lines can be removed from a Notepad++ file is quite extensive. In this section, the two most common methods are mentioned. You can use Inbuilt Line operations, or you can use regular expressions to get rid of repeated lines.

Launch Notepad++ and follow the steps below to remove duplicate lines.

Using Notepad++ Inbuilt Line operations features

  • Click on Edit
  • Select the “Line Operation”
  • Then click on “Remove Duplicate Lines.” 

Duplicate lines will be removed, and the output will be unique.

Finding and replacing text using Regular Expression

Open the Find and Replace section by selecting Replace from the search menu or using the shortcut (Ctrl + H) in notepad++.

  • Enter the following regular expression in the "Find what" field:  ^(.*?)$\s+?^(?=.*^\1$)
  • Under the "Search Mode" options, make sure to select "Regular expression" and keep the "Replace with:" field empty.
  • After selecting your lines to be removed, click "Replace All."

Remove duplicate lines in vs. code

VS Code offers streamlined code editing, task running, and versioning support, with support for debugging. Duplicated lines can be identified with a very simple VS Code extension.

VS code extensions are available within it. You can access them by clicking on the activity bar and then the extension's icon. Select the extension called, “Duplicate Lines Finder”.

If you want to list lines appearing twice or more, select all the lines and then press Command+Option+L (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+L (Windows) and the repeated lines will appear below.

You can remove duplicate lines by following these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Control + F’ shortcut.
  • You can toggle the "Replace mode."
  • Select the "Use Regular Expression" option.
  • Enter the search field with ^(.*)(\n\1)+$
  • The "replace with" field should be filled in with $1.
  • Simply click the "Replace All" button

Why use Free Nerd Duplicate line remover?

Free Nerd Tools Duplicate Lines Remover easily removes all duplicate lines from text data without wasting time. It is compatible with almost all common browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Free Nerd Duplicate line remover does not store any of your data on its server; the text that you enter in the input area is checked for duplicate lines on the page, and results are displayed. So it only comes with benefits at no price.

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