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What is HMTL and what is it used for?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a language that defines the structure and content of a website, i.e. how sections, headings, images, text, paragraphs or links etc., will appear on the web browser.

It is a standard language to create a static website. In other terms, it is a building block of the web page. Developers use HTML for web development, internet navigation and web documentation.

HTML syntax

HTML syntax is the arrangement of HTML elements and attributes to create a web page. The language has undergone various revisions over the years. HTML is just like plain text but comprises tags to define the website structure.

Some tags have become deprecated now with the release of the new version. The code starts with a and is divided into two parts, i.e. head and body.

The head, the top part of a web page, contains metadata, i.e. website title, author, global styling etc. There should only be one head in an HTML document. 

The body is the part of HTML that contains the web page content. HTML defines both opening and closing tags in angular brackets <>. Elements and attributes come inside the tags.

An element is a page object, i.e. heading, paragraph, link or image, whereas attributes are the qualities of the element, i.e. colour, margin, padding, width and height etc. Tags in HTML are not case-sensitive.

The common HTML tag for heading, paragraph and link are


, . Tags with a forward slash are closing tags, and opening tags are without a forward slash.

Let's write one heading and paragraph in HTML language:


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About the online HTML minifier tool

Minify HTML data can drastically improves website speed, accessibility and user experience. Moreover, it is also beneficial to users who have a limited data plan and are interested in saving their bandwidth usage during web surfing.

Freenerdtools provides an online tool to minify HTML online. Its HTML minifier can minify HTML within a few seconds to enhance your SEO and user experience.

How to minify HTML code using Freeenerdtools

Freenerdtools' free online HTML compressor interface is self-explanatory and user-friendly. Simply copy and paste your HTML data in the text box and hit the submit button for the minifying HTML version.

The HTML Minifier works by running your markup through a series of regular expressions. This free HTML minifier will remove all the unnecessary characters, whitespace, newlines and redundant data to compress HTML file size.

Besides all this, it will show you the number of HTML characters and minified HTML code characters at the end of HTML minification.

Difference between HTML and CSS

HTML crafts the structure of a static web page, whereas CSS is used for the styling of that page. For example, HTML creates a heading. CSS will deal with the heading colour, size, weight, font family and margins etc.

Difference between HTML and JavaScript

JavaScript (js) is a programming language used to make dynamic websites, whereas HTML, as such, is not a programming language like CSS and JavaScript and only creates a static website layout.


XHTML is a combination of both HTML and XML. It was developed to make HTML more flexible to work with other data formats. It uses a stricter syntax than HTML, making it more reliable and easier to process. XHTML documents must be well-formed and must include proper opening and closing tags for all elements.


HTML and XML are both markup languages used to structure content on the web. HTML is a standard markup language used to create web pages, while XML is a more general purpose language used for data transfer between applications. One of the main differences between HTML and XML is that HTML focuses more on presentation, whereas XML focuses more on data storage. HTML is designed to display data in a web browser, while XML is designed to store and transport data. Additionally, HTML tags have predefined meanings, whereas XML tags can be created by the user in order to suit their needs.

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