IDN to Punycode converter

What is Punycode / IDN?

Punycode is a way of representing IDN; it converts words that cannot be written in ASCII character encoding format. The Punycode encoding syntax translates Unicode strings (UTF-8) into the ASCII characters permitted in network host names. The Punycode language is used for internationalized domain names, also known as IDNs and IDNAs (Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications).

For example, when you type café.com in your browser, it first converts it to Punycode "" since the character 'é' is not allowed as part of regular domain names. A Punycode domain will not function on a very old browser (Internet Explorer 6 and earlier).

What is internationalized domain name (IDN)?

IDNs refer to domain names that either:

  • Use Latin letters with diacritics (accent marks such as é or ü) or are written in scripts that use Latin letters with accent marks.
  • Avoid using the Latin alphabet.

A domain name allows Internet users in non-Latin scripts to access the internet in their own language. IDNs offer a great way to connect with them no matter what language your target market speaks. Globally, Internet usage is on the rise, and many languages and scripts are spoken and IDN is the key for help.

What can you do with our easy Punycode Converter?

With the free nerd tools Punycode Converter, you can check Punycode notation when registering an IDN (Internationalized Domain Name). It makes it possible to Analyze the Punycode code of acquired IDNs. Creating a Punycode for a domain and searching for an available name are essential steps to registering an international domain. We provide a free Punycode converter for this purpose as well. The Punycode can help to convert URLs to IDN for older browsers incompatible with IDN.

Convert IDN to Punycode

The Punycode encoding converts Unicode characters into ASCII, a smaller, more restricted character set. Punycode is used for encoding internationalized domain names (IDN).

  • Open the IDN converter free nerd online tool to convert IDN to Punycode.
  • You can enter an IDN domain in the box provided under the Content heading.
  • Ensure "Convert to Punycode/ASCII" is selected in the dropdown box.
  • Once your request has been processed, the tool will provide you with the results.
  • For further use, copy and paste the result to the desired location. 

Convert Punycode to IDN

Similarly, to convert Punycode to IDN,

  • Open the IDN converter free nerd online tool.
  • Put the Punycode in the box area under the "Content" heading
  • The next step is to select "Convert to Text/IDN" from the dropdown.
  • You will receive the results after the tool processes your request.

Why register IDN Domains?

Registering your domain name gives you a sense of identity and personality. Once a domain name is registered, information about the owner becomes public. Registrants can create authoritative records that tell the world the nameservers for their domains.

Even though English is the language of the internet infrastructure, only 10% of the world's population speaks English natively. A majority of the world's population speaks Chinese, which uses characters very different from English's Latin alphabet. Suppose you need to access the internet but have no knowledge of English. To solve that problem, IDNs are the best solution.

So, your IDN domains must be registered for their authentication and identity.

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