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About our MD2 hash generator

MD2 hash calculator is the Freenerdtools' free online tool that takes a string of characters as input and provides an online hash value within a few seconds to protect your important data. It has a simple interface and requires no installation. You can use it on all devices and systems.

What is MD2 hash?

MD2 stands for Message-Digest Algorithm. It was designed for 8-bit computer systems. It is a cryptographic hash algorithm. It utilizes a string of characters of any length and encode it to produce an output of a 128-bit message. While processing a message, it appends padding bytes and checksum, initializes the message digest buffer for computation purposes, processes the message in 16-byte blocks and generates the output at the end. One of the reasons for its popularity was its easy implementation.

What is MD2 hash used for

Ronald Rivest in 1989 introduced the MD2 function for digital signature applications or files, where a large message has to be "compressed" in a secure format before being signed with the private key. It can't withstand collision attacks and can reveal private information. It uses quite a long time for computation and is less secure, that's why it is not used widely today. Still, it has its uses in public key infrastructures. Its recently used version is MD5 which is designed for 32-bit systems.

Message digest vs hash

Message digest and hash are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. A message digest is a fixed-size value that is computed from a variable-size input, such as a message or file. A hash is also a fixed-size value that is computed from a variable-size input, but it is typically used for data verification. That is, given a hash value, it should be computationally infeasible to find an input that produces that hash value. You can use this property of cryptographic hash functions for many different purposes, including storing passwords or creating digital signatures.

How to generate MD2 hash using FreeNerdTools

Get our md2 hash function generator from the list of tools and specify your unique string as an input to calculate md2. Simply copy and paste your plain text in the text field and press submit button to create a useful MD2 digest. Copy the result to use it for security enhancement purpose. The direct output comprises 32 hexadecimal md2 hash values, i.e. 128 bits, irrespective of the input characters count.

Is our online tool secure?

Our hash generator tool is absolutely safe and secure to use. This hash online tool is a great help for developers and computer programmers. You can use the generated output to make your password complicated enough to secure your online accounts and devices.

Md2 vs Md5

The major difference between MD2 and MD5 is that MD2 was meant for 8-bit systems, and MD5 is for 32-bit operating systems. Except this, both algorithms have the same structure and produce a 128-bit message digest. MD5 was introduced in 1991 with additional security parameters. You can access the Freenerdtools MD5 generator from the tools list.

Md2 vs sha512

MD5 is quite an old and common hash algorithm. Sha-512 has more security features and is most suitable for cryptographic applications than MD5. Sha512 is from the sha2 hash functions umbrella. It generates 512-bit output, whereas MD5 generates 128 bits long message digest. You can access the Freenerdtools SHA-12 generator from the tools list.

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