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Whenever a web application requires user identification, users are asked to provide certain details about themselves. Some of these details shouldn't be available for public consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to encrypt this information so that only the user can read it, not the entire public. Thus, we talk about hashing and encryption. Hashing means taking a given string and converting it into an encrypted format using a particular logic. 

Hashing can be achieved using several logics. For this article, we will be discussing the use of the MD4 algorithm to generate md4 Hash values through the Freenerdtools MD4 hash generator. 

With the freenerdtools MD4 hash function generator tool, you can generate MD4 hashes online seamlessly. With this MD4 hash generator online, every developer can easily encrypt information without having to develop a function manually. As a result, much development time and labour can be saved. 

What is the MD4 algorithm?

MD4 is a cryptographic hash function used to hash values. Message Digest is represented by the initials "MD" whereas series is represented by the "4". In 1990, Ronald Rivest invented the message digest. The digest-length value of the message-digest is 128 bits.

MD4 hashes are typically represented as 32-digit hexadecimal numbers by the MD4 hash generator.

What is the MD4 used for?

The MD4 message-digest algorithm has several use cases such as:

  • hashing user passwords for authentication purposes
  • hashing payment card details during checkout processes
  • hashing other user-provided personal information during KYC processes

How to generate MD4 hash value using FreeNerdTools

Creating a hash using the freenerdtools online hash generator can be done through the following steps:


Copy the desired value to be hashed and paste it into the text area of the MD4 generator 

For instance: we can put the string Change into the input field.


Once we have pasted the string, then click the submit button. Now the output of the input string is generated using the MD4 online hash generator. The result is the output hashes.

For instance, the generated value for the example string is: 8278a27d92a2c815f07df028ab9caf06

When we have successfully generated a hashed value, we will notice that we have exactly 32-digit hex values without an instance of the original string. Also, we will see how seamlessly the md4 hash generator tool was able to generate this hash

Md4 vs sha1

Sha-1 is also a cryptographic hash function used for hashing values just like the MD4 tool. However, the Sha-1 uses a digest length of 160 bits whereas the Md4 uses a digest length of 128 bits.

The MD4 was developed in 1990 whereas the Sha-1 was developed in 1995. Also, the Sha-1 is typically represented by 40-digit hexadecimal numbers while the MD4 hash generator generates an output of 32-digit.

Other popular Online hashing functions

Although we have been discussing the MD4 hash generator, other hash algorithms exist. Some of which we will introduce in this section. They include:

  • MD5: this is the fifth series of the MD family. MD5 creates an output of 128-bit. It is a commonly used hashing tool.
  • SH-1: This is the second series of the Secure Hash Algorithm standard, SHA-0 being the first. SHA-1 creates 160-bit outputs. SHA-1 is one of the main algorithms that began to replace MD5,
  • SH-2: This is the third series of the SH family. It came after the SH-1 logic and it is a suite of algorithms. It contains the SH-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512. Each of these has the digits attached to them as the bits of output it creates.
  • NTLM: This is the NT LAN manager algorithm. The NTLM is used for hashing passwords during authentication. It is the successor of the LANMAN.
  • LANMAN: The LANMAN is a Microsoft LAN Manager hashing platform. This was used by legacy Windows systems to store passwords.
  • RIPEMD: This was created by The RIPE Consortium in the year 1992. It is also a cryptographic hashing tool.
  • Whirlpool: This was developed by Vincent Rijmen and Paulo Barreto in 2004. This is also a credible hashing software.
  • Tiger
  • Spectral Hash


Some of these tools can be found on the Freenerdtools free online tools package. Some are listed below

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