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About our meta tags analyzer tool

Our meta tags analyzer tool provides a great way to check your website's meta tags. This is a great way to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and that your visitors will be able to find what they're looking for. You can also see what other sites are using for their meta tags and find out what changes need to be made in order for your site to rank higher. Simply enter your URL and our online tool will crawl your site and analyze your meta tags.

What are meta tags in SEO?

Meta tags have always been part of search engine optimization. These are snippets of text that tell search engines what your website is about. They help search engines understand what your website is about and can also be used to improve your website's ranking in search results. The meta description is one of the most important meta tags, as it helps to convince visitors to click through to your website.

How to check meta tags with our testing tool

FreeNerdTools is the best meta tag analyzer. To check meta tags, simply type the URL you want to check tags for and press submit. The tool provides a list of the following meta tags:

  • Viewport settings
  • Twitter card type, title, description and image
  • Post title, image, description and publishing time
  • Meta description or page summary
  • Keywords used

What is a meta title?

A Meta Title is the title of a webpage that appears in the search engine results. It is also sometimes referred to as the "title tag". The Meta Title is an important element of on-page SEO and should be carefully chosen to accurately reflect the content of the page it is describing. The Meta Title should be unique for each page, and should be a maximum of 60 characters long – this includes spaces.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a short, crisp summary that tells people what a particular page is about. Its purpose is to convince users that the page is exactly the one they are looking for.

In other words, it is a way to advertise your content to the searchers. Think of this as a pitch for your webpage.

As such, there is no defined or ideal limit to the meta description. Google trims the description according to the device width, i.e. 155 to 160 characters.

There is no direct relation between meta description and SERPs ranking, but it impacts user behavior, traffic, and engagement rates, which in turn impact your SEO and rankings. Moreover, it also decodes your CTR. So, you should put a great deal of effort into writing this description.

What is meta keywords?

Meta keywords are tags that you can add to your website’s code to provide search engines with more information about your website’s content. Search engines read these tags and use them when determining whether or not your website is relevant to a user’s search query. However, they do not affect your website’s ranking in search results.

How do I use meta keywords?

To add meta keywords to your website, you will need to edit your site’s HTML code. Each keyword should be separated by a comma.

For a moment, assume that you are running a website on Turkish food. The keywords you want to use are “Turkish doner kebab” and “lamb doner kebab” and “Turkish food.” You will write the above code as:

The word name in the code specifies the name for the metadata. You can replace the term keywords with application-name, author, description, generator or viewport according to the metadata you are using.

What is a viewport meta tag?

The term viewport means a visible area of the web page. The Viewport meta tag tells your browser how the layout will fit into the screen, i.e. the website will follow the width of the device the user is on. When you switch from a desktop to a mobile or tablet, you observe that the website content adjusts itself according to the device's width. For the viewport, you will write the following code: 

 Without a viewport meta tag, mobile devices will show the content just like the desktop, and it will become difficult for readers to read on mobile.

What is a robots meta Tag?

A Robots meta tag, also known as Robots meta directives, is a small piece of code that provide SERPs with instructions on how to crawl through the web pages, what links to follow and what links to stop with.

Moreover, it gives you the authority to choose what pages you want to hide from search engine crawlers and what pages you want them to index and look at.

What is Twitter card meta tag

The Twitter card is a functionality provided by Twitter to allow you to connect photos, videos, and other “media experiences” to your tweets.

A key reason to use Twitter cards is to drive engagement with your tweets. It is a creative way to increase your website traffic. There are seven various types of cards:

  • Gallery card for a large number of images.
  • Single photo card.
  • Summary card for link sharing.
  • Summary card with images.
  • App card.
  • Player card for videos.
  • Product card for sharing product info.

Only meta tags are required to generate these cards. For example:

You can replace the term gallery with photo, summary, summary_large_image, or app, depending on the card you want to use.

How to write or edit your title and meta description

Meta titles help search engines match your content to search queries. To write an effective meta title, use your keyword at the beginning and end it with your website name (if possible) for branding purposes.

Your meta description should be relevant to your web page. If users do not find the relevant content on your page, they will leave your site.

Here are some amazing tips for writing a perfect meta-description:

  • Try to answer the question users are looking for.
  • Mention the solution to a challenge or users' pain points.
  • Be specific but detailed, i.e. 150 characters.
  • Don't stuff keywords. Only use the keyword that comes naturally.
  • Write engaging yet compelling content.
  • Make use of a call to action (CTA) at the end of the description if you want to create a sense of urgency.

Meta tags always go inside the element. The website doesn't display metadata. It is only for the understanding of the machine.

In each HTML webpage, you will find the meta tags near the top. For the meta title and description, just edit the following two lines without disturbing the meta tag code.

Write your title here


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