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About our Octal to text converter tool

You are welcome to use the Octal to text converter tool from FreeNerdTools. Using one of the best converter tools, you can easily convert octal data to plain text in seconds. The majority of conversion websites charge a fee or require registration. Free nerd tools, however, offer an octal-to-text converter that doesn't require registration. This Octal-to-text converter provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to convert Octal to text quickly. Not only can you convert octal to text but also text to octal.

What is octal?

The octal Number system is simply a system of numbers with base 8. It has numbers from a range of 0 to 7. A number system that uses digits from 0 to 7 and has a base of eight is known as an Octal Number System. It is commonly used in computing environments to represent binary numbers by grouping digits into threes.

What is octal used for?

Computer applications greatly benefit from the use of the octal number system. Almost all modern computer systems contain words that are 16-bit, 32-bits, or 64-bits, which are further divided into 8-bit words. Additionally, octal numbers are used in the aviation industry as code.

How to convert Octal to text online

Here are the steps to use our Octal-to-text converter:

  • Open the octal to text converter tool.
  • Paste your octal values in the provided text field.
  • To convert octal code into text, select "to text" for the conversion type then hit the submit button.
  • Our online tool will query and process your input within a few seconds.
  • To save the text data to your device for re-use, you can copy them to your clipboard or save them to your device.

How to convert text to octal online

These straightforward steps will help you convert text to Octal online:

  • Go ahead and open the octal converter tool.
  • Type in or paste your plain text or string into the provided box
  • On the type section, select “to octal” 
  • Finally, hit the submit button and your results will appear below.
  • To save, copy and paste the output in a text file to save

Is this online tool free?

It would be best if you used our free nerd octal-to-text converter tool for many reasons, but the key reason is that it is free, intuitive, and easy to use. Furthermore, it will ensure that the results you receive are accurate and clear. Let our free online Octal to text converter take the challenging work out of your life!

Octal vs. decimal number system

Several bases in the number system are used to represent numbers. Of the two types of numbers; octal numbers and decimal numbers, the former has a base of eight, and the latter has a base of ten.

How to manually convert Octal to decimal

Following simple rules, an octal number can be converted to decimals.

  1. Count the digits in the number.
  2. Assume the number has n digits.
  3. Move from right to left, taking the nth position at the most right. Now increase the power of 8 by 1 while you move from right to left.
  4. Multiply each digit with 8n-1, where n is the position.
  5. Take all the results from the multiplication process and add them together.
  6. You will have a decimal equivalent to the octal number.

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