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The SHA hash algorithm is a common name in the cryptographic hash functions ecosystem. It consists of four major versions that include: SHA-0, SHA-1, SHA-2 suite, and SHA-3.

It was originally developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) as part of its Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA). SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm and is used to generate a 160-bit hash value from an arbitrary length message or data file.

It is designed to be highly secure and reliable so that it can be used to detect any changes in the original data. This makes it useful for verifying digital signatures and ensuring data integrity.

The algorithm works by taking the input data and running it through a series of mathematical operations that generate a unique output known as a hash value. The hash value is then compared with the original input data to ensure accuracy.

This article will focus more on the SHA512 hash, which is a member of the SHA-2 suite.

What is the SHA512 hash?

The Sha512 hash algorithm is one of the members of the Secure hash Algorithm 2(SHA-2). It was first published in 2001 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) as a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard(FIPS). The SHA512 hash outputs a hash value of 512 bits and has a block size of 1024 bits. It also has a word size of 64 and a processing rounds of 80.

Applications of sha-512 encryption

There are several use cases of the SHA512 hash algorithm. Hence, we will talk about some important ones below:

  • they are used in email address hash
  • they can be used for password hashing
  • also digital records verification.
  • it is used blockchain technologies like Bitshares, LBRY credits etc
  • it is used in Linux and Unix vendors to secure passwords.

In addition to the above listed common usage, they can be found in various security protocols like:

  • Transport Layer Security(TLS)
  • Internet Protocol Security(IPSec)
  • Pretty Good Privacy(PGP)
  • Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions(S/MIME)
  • Secure Shell(SSH)

About the Online SHA512 Hash generator tool

The Freenerdtool free Online SHA512 hash generator tool is a tool that allows a user to generate the sha512 hash seamlessly. It operates by accepting an input string of any length and then converting them to fixed-length output called the hash value.

How to Generate SHA512 Hash

To generate a hash from the Freenerdtool online sha512 hash generator tool, we will take the following steps:

  • Step 1: goto the Freenerdtool online SHA-512 hash generator page.
  • Step 2: type or copy and paste a text into the provided text area for the online tool
  • Step 3: Click the "Submit" button to submit the input text, and then the online tool will process the input and generate the SHA-512 hash value.

Let's try and convert some random text using the above steps.

First, let's type in the following text: "Hello World!". Next, submit and then we will have the following value output as our SHA-512 hash: "861844d6704e8573fec34d967e20bcfef3d424cf48be04e6dc08f2bd58c729743371015ead891cc3cf1c9d34b49264b510751b1ff9e537937bc46b5d6ff4ecc8".

Advantages of the SHA-512 hash

Here we will try to highlight some core advantages of using the SHA-512 hash

  • The first will be its collision resistance attribute
  • It's a one-way function. This means you cannot realize an input string from a given hash value.
  • It is deterministic. This means that two different input strings cannot generate the same hash output.

Is sha512 better than sha256?

Now let's compare the SHA 512 hash with the SHA 256 under the following headings:

  • Security: Although the security standards of both seem to be identical. The 512 may be considered more secure because of its output size.
  • Storage Efficiency: Sha512 produces large hashes that require a lot of bandwidth to store, while the 256 hash is smaller and requires less.
  • Speed: While sha256 processes at a faster rate when computing longer inputs, sha512 processes at a slower speed.
  • Usage: the SHA256 was chosen as the default SSL/TLS certificate. Thus, it is widely implemented while the 512 is barely used.

In short, sha512 is better than sha256. SHA-512 is generally considered to be stronger than SHA-256. It uses a larger hash size (512 bits versus 256 bits for SHA-256), which makes it more difficult to crack by brute force methods. Also, it can process more data in the same amount of time.


SHA-512 is still a relatively unknown name in the hashing ecosystem compared to 256. Nonetheless, there are a lot of use cases of 512, such as the blockchain industry. SHA-512 is used as the basis of the consensus algorithm in many different blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, SHA-512 is used for secure password hashing in certain systems. It provides a more secure alternative to less complex algorithms such as MD5.

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