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An individual's signature is a handwritten (and often stylized) indication of their name, nickname, or even a simple "X" on a document to prove their identity. A signatory is a person who writes a signature. Signature works like; handwritten signatures easily reveal their creator. It is possible to confuse a signature with an auto-graph that is an artistic signature. Because of this, some people in the public eye keep their signatures private while publically publishing their auto-graphs.

Traditionally, signatures serve as evidence of self-identification and certification of document contents and the unique, undeniable identity of the individual signing the document. However, as the world evolves, we now have means of generating signatures digitally instead of the traditional handwritten type. This method of delivering signatures creates what is referred to as an e-signature.

In this article, we will discuss how to create signatures online and how they are used in the modern world. 

What is a signature generator?

Signature generators are online tools and software used to generate signatures online and offline. For this article, we will pay more attention to online generators because they are commonly used for generating e-signatures. A signature generator tool is designed to create an image format of a handwritten signature, which a user can download. This downloaded signature can be affixed to online documents and other integrity-verifiable items.

What is it used for

Although the uses of signature generators may be clear. However, we will still talk about its several use cases below:

  • They are used in legal documents
  • They are used in property procurement documents
  • Signatures can be added to all kinds of pdf document

About the online signature tool

The Freenerdtools online free signature generator is a tool by Freenerdtool created to generate downloadable online signatures by drawing, either using a mouse, trackpad or touchpad. This free tool allows us to create a free downloadable electronic signature that is the same as an online signature. Documents and messages can be verified for authenticity using digital signatures, which contain encrypted information. The process is typically more complicated since it involves private and public encryption keys.

NOTE: The Freenerdtools allows you to create a signature but does not keep records of your signatures. Signatures are created right in the browser and cleared once you leave.

How to generate a signature using Freenerdtools

For a user to create an electronic signature with the Freenerdtools free online signature generator is a quick process and requires no technical know-how. We can create a signature following the steps below:

  • Step1: Goto the Freenerdtools signature generator
  • Step2: Use your mouse, trackpad, or touchpad to draw your signature
  • Step3: Repeat till you get the desired outcome
  • Step4: Then click the Download button to download to create your electronic signature in your choice image format for the drawn signature

From the steps, we have successfully created a free electronic signature online. Now we can use the generated signature from this online signature tool to sign documents online.

Where can this be used?

Once we have generated our signatures, the next question is, where can we use this signature?

Below we will state several ways we can use our newly generated e-signature:

  • on PDF files: We can annotate PDF files and affix our free online signature image
  • on complementary cards
  • Legal documents
  • Properties documents
  • email signature

Advantages of Electronic Signatures

There are numerous advantages of using an electronic signature. However, we will be discussing some important ones below:


The cost of managing, storing, and processing paper documents increases yearly. Using a signature creator, we can sign documents without paper or ink. As a result, we spend less money getting documents signed.

Fast and efficient:

It is not necessary to print a document, sign it physically and scan the results. To get your documents signed, we can simply send the documents via email to the signing parties.


It ensures that everything is protected because an electronic signature prevents the possibility of alteration and criminally motivated document doctoring. Whenever an electronic document is digitally signed, it contains a digital seal that indicates if it has been modified.


Using electronically signed documents can result in savings in the budget and more efficient space usage. All signed digital documents can be stored on your electronic devices. It is easy to track and find while you need it.

Electronic signature vs digital signature

An electronic signature (the same as an online signature) is an online-generated signature in an image format. While a digital signature is mathematically generated and requires private keys for integrity checks. Also, the digital signature comprises three algorithms;

  • Key generation algorithm: this selects a private key uniformly at random from a list of possible keys
  • Signing algorithm: produces a signature when provided with a message and a private key.
  • A signature verifying algorithm: checks the authenticity of a given message when fed with a message, a public key and a signature, then either rejects or accepts the message.

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