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What is a URL slug?

A URL slug is the part of text placed at the end of a link to identify a page or post. It is typically used as a permalink, or permanent link, to that page or post. Normally, an SEO friendly URL uses words separated by dashes at the end of its structure. This is to ensure that it can be read by both humans and web crawlers. For example, if the URL of a blog post is, the slug would be "this-is-a-blog-post." It is optional for URL slugs to be in English only (uppercase or lowercase letters). This means it can be written in any language. In addition, placing keywords in your slug can help improve your position in the SERPs.

What is an online URL slug generator?

An online URL slug generator is a tool that allows you to instantly generate SEO friendly and human readable URL slugs. With this tool, users can enter plain text such as the title of a blog post then convert it to a URL slug. A considerable number of websites use text strings that don't explain anything but when it comes to search engine optimization, clean URL slugs are essential, and these type of URLs are used. A clean URL can drastically affect your content's ranking on the web. The URLs used with random words, characters, or numbers are not recommended for search engine optimization or SEO optimization. 

Is URL slug an important factor in SEO?

The power of a slug can be very effective when it comes to keyword SEO. To determine whether your content belongs on the SERP, Google analyses the URL structure of your content. Users should experience a webpage with a slug that states clearly what the webpage is about and is both search engine friendly and user friendly.

A URL may consist of characters, letters, or numbers. The slugs can confuse users, so they may hesitate before clicking. It could be more trustworthy when the slugs contain numbers and jumbled words. A query string that doesn't explain the URL's contents can also damage your SEO efforts.

The Google crawl bots will understand that a good URL slug will help them find your page, and a good URL slug and slug URL will verify the quality of your content, post, and page. To keep URL slugs clean and to avoid bad content from appearing in your URL, ensure that you do not add any text or words into URL slugs that you understand. 

URL slug best practices

It is essential to use slugs for SEO. The search engine can only find your website or web page if your slugs are appropriately strategized. Your URL slug for better SEO optimization must be aligned. 

To maximize your SEO, you should align your URLs with the page's content. 

  • Keep it as simple as you can.
  • Add 1-2 keywords
  • In the URL slug, remove the extra words.
  • Use relevant keywords.
  • Use keywords sparingly.
  • Make it easy to read.
  • Hyphenate words to separate them.
  • Use unique slug/slugs, words, or text.
  • Use static URLs instead of dynamically generated ones.
  • Name your URLs consistently.

How to generate SEO-friendly URLs using FreeNerdTools

There is no learning curve involved in using the free online Free Nerd Slug Generator because it instantly generates SEO-friendly URLs without further delay. Moreover, it is an SEO-friendly and user-friendly URL slug or permalink generator. Let's improve your web page content by generating easy-to-understand slugs it using this friendly URL slug generator tool. It gives an SEO-friendly format as each word is hyperlinked to the relevant page. The plain text to an SEO-friendly slug will show right away.

Here are the steps to create a search engine-friendly URL using this free online tool for getting URL slug for better search engine results. 

  • Open the slug generator tool
  • The text field should contain the text or page title for which you want to generate the URL with this URL slugs generator. 
  • Submit by clicking the submit button present on this friendly URL slugs generator.
  • A user-friendly URL slug will appear almost instantly after the Free Nerd Slug Generator processes the URL.

You would have never seen such a good slug generator online that can generate SEO-friendly and human-friendly URLs. Your page content will be visited at the top of the search with better SEO performance than other slug URL generators. Let's slugify any words or text with this text into the URL slugs generator to generate the URL using our tool. 

Why use our online slug generator

We know that easy-to-understand URL slugs for your website have the utmost importance. Url slug also describes a quality that generates text SEO-friendly quickly using the Free Nerd Slug Generator. The online engine-friendly and user-friendly tool allows you to add text or a title to a post and generates an easy-to-read slug, not descriptive. A free Nerd Slug generator makes the process easier and provides a more accessible opportunity to generate URL slugs for free. No charge is associated with this SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slug generator. We offer an SEO-friendly and human-readable tool to help your website rank higher in search engine results by making our web page content reachable. Let's now try this web-friendly word and human-readable URL slug generator for better results! 

This SEO-friendly and search engine-friendly tool offers several advantages. It prioritizes your time over everything else. It is used to construct friendly URLs. You don't have to register for this tool or see any unnecessary advertisements that are usually used to keep people on websites for extended periods. It takes less than a minute to generate slug links from the content entered into this friendly slugs generator tool. As a result, this search engine-friendly and user-friendly tool can alleviate your burden without any limitations. You can use it to generate URL slugs very quickly. URL-friendly slugs are typically specified in PHP files. Using URL slugs correctly will help your website rank higher in search engines.

How to edit URL slug in WordPress post

WordPress posts have the option of editing the URL slug. In writing or editing your post, you can change the slug. URL slugs that contain the exact address of a specific post on a website can improve its ranking. You must enter your title first if you are still looking for a permalink to slugify it. The Permalink URLs can be edited beneath your post title. Click the Edit button. To create the friendly URL slug, use the Free Nerd Slug Generator and generate search engine-friendly slugs. The draft is now ready for saving. You can save a draft by clicking on the Save Draft button in the top toolbar with this online slug generator. Let's help your website rank higher and see your targeted keywords at the top of Google's first-page search with this SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slug generator! 

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