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What is an email address?

An email address is a unique identifier for an email account. It is used to send and receive messages from other email users. There are a few major email providers that most people use. These include Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it really depends on the person's needs as to which one they choose. For example, Gmail is great for its organization and search features, while Yahoo is known for its large storage capacity.

What is a Mailto link?

Mailto link is a type of HTML link that instantly connects the user to an email address with a recipient that has been entered in advance. Mailto links are used as hyperlinks on websites to enable users to send emails directly to a specific address. When clicked, it opens the default email client with the recipient details pre-filled.

What is a Mailto link generator?

You can enable visitors to your website to send an email directly from there using a mailto link, and the one responsible for generating this link is called the Mailto link generator. The Mailto generator tool is helpful for web admins, web designers, email writers, and web developers to make powerful email campaigns.

How to use FreeNerdTools Mailto Link Generator tool?

Here is a little detail about each section of the Free Nerd Mailto Link Generator tool and how you can use them to get full out of our tool:

To Email

The recipient's email address section is of utmost importance. In most cases, it will contain your own email address or that of your company.

Cc (Carbon copy)

A secondary recipient's email address should be filled in here; for example, the additional email address should be added in CC if both the sales and support departments need to receive the message.

Bcc (Blind carbon copy)

Unlike carbon copy, Bcc does not allow recipients to see the email addresses entered in this field. That means that the people you are sending the mail to won't be able to know who else has received the same mail.


It is the header of the email. The subject line shows up in email notifications as the title of your email.

Body Content

It is the content of the body that contains the entire message you wish to convey.

How to create a Mailto link step by step

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to generate a mailto link using our Free Nerd Mailto Link Generator

  1. Head over to our email link generator.
  2. The email id of the recipient should be added to the "To Email" field.
  3. Add the additional email addresses to your Carbon Copy using the "CC" text box.
  4. You can add BCC addresses in the "BCC" text box if you want to send blind carbon copies.
  5. You can fill the "Subject" text box with your subject text which is basically the title of your email.
  6. In the "Body Content" section, enter the email body.
  7. You will be able to see the generated email html link code in the Result text area immediately.
  8. The tool offers you a ‘copy to a clipboard’ option and by clicking on that the link will be copied to your clipboard.

How to add multiple recipients?

You can add multiple addresses to a CC or BCC with a comma if you have a multiple-recipient list. You can add additional recipients to your email by using the CC field. Adding it to the BCC will prevent your contacts and CC recipients from seeing the other recipients.

Why use our Mailto link generator?

To generate Mailto links quickly, use the Free Nerd Mailto Link Generator tool. The tool allows you to add recipient email, cc, bcc, subject, and body text to your links. Free Nerd Mailto link generator not only makes the process less complicated but also provides you with an opportunity to create a mailto link without costing you a fortune. It is completely free. One of the exciting parts about our tool is that you can generate mailto link with subject.

The pros of this tool don't end here. It prioritizes your privacy above anything. Any content that you enter in this tool is only used to generate the link and is not stored on our server. So there is no point in not using this tool to relieve the burden off your shoulders.

How to add Mailto link in HTML code

HTML links are defined by the and tags - technically knows as anchor tags. The first tag indicates the beginning of the hyperlink, and the last tag indicates the end of the hyperlink. The opening tag contains the href attribute which carries the URL. This is where you will add your mailto link. In between the opening and closing tags, is the link text. Link text is the clickable text users see on a webpage. Once you create a mailto link, open your HTML document and insert between the parenthesis of the href attribute. Ensure to include the link text as well. Here is an example of HTML email link:

Example anchor text

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