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What is WhatsApp, and what is it used for?

WhatsApp is an application tailored for instant messaging and multimedia sharing. All this happens over a Wi-Fi network. Both Android and iPhone users can use WhatsApp Messenger for free. In this application, you can send text messages one-to-one or in groups to other users. It is important to note that WhatsApp chats are conducted over the internet. The difference between Whatsapp and standard SMS texting is that Whatsapp messages can be sent and unsent at any time. Using Whatsapp, you can share photos and videos and connect with people. Furthermore, Whatsapp allows you to make video and voice calls in addition to texting.

How does a WhatsApp link work?

Basically, a link is just something that points to another location. You will be directed to the link's target when you click on a link; this may be a webpage, document, or other online material.

Your WhatsApp number can be used to contact people using WhatsApp links. A predefined message can also be added to your link, so people don't need to know the user's phone number. When the user clicks on the link, a live chat is started immediately. In most cases, businesses use this feature for WhatsApp marketing and seamless customer support.

What is a WhatsApp link generator?

This is a free tool that enables you to create WhatsApp chat links with ease. To get started, simply enter a phone number and a predefined message. Normally, if you want to send a message, the recipient's number must be saved on your device. But a WhatsApp link simplifies those steps. Once the link is clicked, the user can open the chat without adding the number to their contact list. You can call it a click to chat link.

How to create WhatsApp link with FreeNerdTools?

To create a WhatsApp link, head over to our free tool. You will see two sections on the page as follows:

Add phone number

Write the phone number in this section where you want the message to be directed.

Add custom message

In the pre-filled message section, type your custom message. You can make it easier to start a conversation by having the Free Nerd tool generate the link automatically. Once you've filled out the two fields, hit submit. Now you can grab the link and share it with your audience.

How to add WhatsApp chat links to website HTML?

Adding the WhatsApp chat link to your website can be done in several ways, but the simplest way is by using the following code.

Contact via WhatsApp

There is no easier code to use than that. The users who visit the website will be able to contact your number via WhatsApp once you enter your phone number with the country code. Customers can click on the link to directly start a WhatsApp chat with another person or business using this click-to-chat feature.

For example, your number along with country code is 923123456789 then the WhatsApp chat code for your website should look like

Contact via WhatsApp

How to add a WhatsApp chat link to Instagram?

The Free Nerd WhatsApp Link Generator is needed before you can add a link to the Instagram bio. Once you have generated the link using the following

  • Copy your link from the ‘results’ field of the Free Nerd WhatsApp Generator.
  • Edit your Instagram profile by clicking ‘Edit Profile’.
  • The link should be pasted in the website field. Once you're done, click the Complete button.

Frequently asked questions

Is this tool free?

Yes, this tool is completely free to use. All you need to do is fill in the phone number and custom message sections, and the tool will generate the link for you free of cost. Use our nifty tool to generate a personalized WhatsApp link with a predefined message that can be shared on your social networks with your audience!

What is my WhatsApp link?

Everyone can have their own WhatsApp link. Use the code https://wa.me/. Write your full phone number with the country code at the place of . And boom, your link is generated. However, if you find this complex, you can use the Free Nerd Tools WhatsApp link generator to do all this work.

Can you create a business WhatsApp link?

Do you have a whatsapp business number and wondering if it's possible to create a whatsapp click-to-chat link?  Yes, it's possible. On creating a WhatsApp Business account, you get an automatic short link for your business.

This short link can be accessed by clicking on the following:

  1. Click on the three dots in the WhatsApp Business app, then choose 'Business tools.'
  2. The auto-generated link can be viewed by tapping the Short link.

How to access WhatsApp web?

You can scan the QR code and access Whatsapp Web through your desktop or laptop. A QR code is required to authenticate your account. Open www.whatsappweb.com on your computer or laptop and scan the code appearing on your phone. This will mirror your WhatsApp on the web. The WhatsApp Web application will not function if your smartphone loses connection to the internet.

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