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When we come across topics and blog headings containing "hash generator", what comes to mind is a security enhancement. In this article, we will discuss one of the industry-standard hashing algorithms, the Whirlpool hash function. It is used to create a unique signature for a given piece of information or data. Whirlpool is mainly used for applications such as password storage, digital signatures, and file integrity checks.

What is Whirlpool hashing algorithm?

Whirlpool is a cryptographic hash function or pattern designed to encrypt sensitive pieces of information which are not meant for general consumption.

The whirlpool hash was designed in accordance with the Square block cipher. As a result, it is considered a member of the block cipher functions. Also, it encompasses, an iterated application of compression function based on an underlying dedicated 512-bit block cipher that uses a 512-bit key. It is structured according to the Miyaguchi-Preneel construct with a substantial modification from the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES). Whirlpool is adopted by the International Organisation for Standardisation(ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC) as part of the ISO/IEC international standard. It is also recommended by the NESSIE project. Whirlpool is not patented as declared by the authors. As a result, Whirlpool can be used freely for any purpose. The Whirlpool hash has a digest length of 512 bits which is represented by 128-digit hexadecimal numbers. It accepts string inputs of less than 2256 bits.

What is it used for?

Whirlpool as a hashing algorithm can be used in several applications for security and performance. Hence we will attempt to list some of its use cases below

  • Password verification: Passwords verifications rely mostly on cryptographic hashes like the Whirlpool
  • Verifying the integrity of messages and files: This is used to compare message digests calculated before and after transmission can determine the integrity of the message.
  • Signature generation and verification: Digital signatures require a cryptographic hash to be calculated over the message.
  • Proof-of-work: By requiring some work from a service requester, such as processing time on a computer, a proof-of-work system (or protocol, or function) deters denial-of-service abuse and other forms of abuse on a network, such as spam.

When was the Whirlpool function created?

Whirlpool was originally developed in 2000. It was designed by Vincent Rijmen and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto as the co-creator. This original version was referred to as the Whirlpool-0. The Whirlpool-0 was revised in 2001, which changed the originally used S-box to a more secure and easy-to-use version. The 2001 version was called the Whirlpool-T. However, in the year 2003, a second revision occurred, this was a result of a flaw found in the diffusion matrix. This edition is called the Whirlpool.

About the online Whirlpool hash generator tool

Freenerdtools Whirlpool generator is an online whirlpool hash generator tool that takes in a string input of fewer than 2256 bits and converts it into a hash value of 128-digit hexadecimal value. The hash value has a fixed length of 128 digits no matter the length of the input. 

How to generate a Whirlpool hash using FreeNerdTools

The Freenerdtools Whirlpool generator tool has a self-explanatory User Interface. On the tools page, you have a single text area for the input string. When a user types in or copies and pastes the desired string to be hashed into the text area and clicks submit. The Whirlpool hash online generator processes the entered input and returns a 128-digit hexadecimal hash value for the string. Now let's see an example of how this works;

Let's type in,


and click submit button. When we click on the submit button, it only takes a few seconds for the online tool to generate the hash value below


Hence, we have successfully generated a hash value for our input string(HELLO WORLD).

Whirlpool hash strengths and weaknesses

Whirlpool is a strong hash function with few known weaknesses. Its main strength is its resistance to collisions, meaning that it is very difficult to find two inputs that produce the same output hash. Whirlpool is also resistant to second-preimage attacks, meaning that it is very difficult to find an input that produces a given output hash. However, Whirlpool is vulnerable to length extension attacks, meaning that an attacker could potentially append additional data to an existing message and compute the new message's hash without knowing the original message.

Whirlpool hash vs sha512

While comparing the Whirlpool algorithm to the SHA512 algorithm(which is a part of the SHA-2 suite), the most common comparison is their speed. The SHA512 algorithm is a faster hashing algorithm compared to the Whirlpool. However, in terms of security and infallible hashing technique, the Whirlpool hash is much better than the SHA512 hash

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