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Thumbnails can be referred to as still images attached to videos uploaded to platforms like Youtube that serve as a home for various types and genres of videos. The thumbnails are the first thing a user sees when visiting these platforms. Hence, it plays a vital role in the user's decision to click on them. This article will show you how to download these thumbnails for various purposes, including making a collage.

What is a Youtube thumbnail?

Youtube thumbnails are custom thumbnails specific to the Youtube viewing platforms created by channel owners to boost their visibility. These thumbnails have an ideal dimension of 1280x720(minimum width of 640 pixels) and support the JPG, GIF or PNG formats.

How the YouTube thumbnail downloader works

Every video uploaded to Youtube is assigned a URL that is unique to them. This URL carries information about the video and its owner. Our YouTube thumbnail downloader lets you grab YouTube video thumbnails right in the browser. The tool leverages a video's URL to generate a Thumbnail image in various resolutions. This process is carried out in two steps:

  • Paste a video URL
  • Then click the submit button

Download YouTube thumbnail from a video URL

Freenerdtools Youtube Thumbnail downloader is an online tool that helps you to download youtube thumbnails. To achieve this we need to copy the youtube video link and paste it into the text area provided. Then, we will click the submit button. Once we have clicked the submit button, a section appears below the button. In this section, we have the navigations and an image display below it. Now, in the display part, we will find three icons on the bottom right, and then we will click on the first icon from the left. This will start a download of the default image into your PC.

Download thumbnail image in HD quality

Furthermore, the Freenerdtool Youtube downloader offers a variety of downloadable sizes for the thumbnails gotten from the given URL. Here, we will see how to download the HD thumbnail image of a given thumbnail from a URL.

First, we will copy the video link and paste it into the text area provided by the Online tool. Next, we will click the submit button. This will generate a section below the submit button. This section consists of two major parts; the navigations and the retrieved thumbnail from the URL. Now, in the navigations, select the item with the name "HD(1280x720)", and then we should see an image of size 1280x720. Finally, at the bottom right of the youtube thumbnail image, we will click on the first icon from the left (this is the download HD image button). This will download the youtube thumbnail image into our computer storage.

With the above procedures, we can easily download the thumbnail of any Youtube video.

Additionally, the Freenerdtools Youtube downloader has the following downloadable resolutions:

  • The Default resolution with a size of 120x90
  • The Medium resolution with a dimension of 320x180
  • The High resolution with a dimension of 480x360
  • The SD resolution with a dimension of 640x480

Are YouTube thumbnails copyrighted?

Yes, YT thumbnails are copyrighted but are allowed if the sole purpose is to advertise the owner's content.

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