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About our online character counter

Character count is a crucial part of a writer's life. To meet the writing criteria, you have to check the count. Counting characters is important when there is a limit.

You can see that social media platforms have various character limits. So, our online character counter tool helps you to know how much text you have entered and how many characters are left.

If you want your audience to read your content, make use of fewer characters. Too many characters can bore your audience.

Freenerdtools provide a free character count tool that provides immediate results to facilitate your writing journey. Besides character count, it also provides word count and lines involved in your text.

What is a character in text?

Characters are the building blocks of writing. A character is a letter (alphabet), number, punctuation, space or another special symbol (dollar sign, arithmetic symbols, ampersand) that is written or printed. It forms part of a word of text and has phonetic or pictographic meaning.

A single character consumes one byte (8 bits) of space in a computer's memory. While Unicode characters, i.e. emojis or non-Latin alphabets, take up two bytes of space and therefore count as two characters.

Some people think that characters and glyphs are the same, but they are not. A glyph is a visual representation or appearance of a character and is determined by the typeface and style in which the character is printed.

What can this tool do?

Copy and paste your social media text, novel, email, article or any other writing whose character check you want to perform and press submit button.

With a blink of an eye, our tool will display the number of characters, words, and newlines. You can also write your text from scratch in the text field.

Count characters

This tool will provide you with both character and word count. Character count is the sum of all the individual letters, spaces and punctuation marks.

For example, in "Freenerdtools". "F", "r", "e", "e", "n", "e", "r", "d", "t", "o", "o", "l", "s", there are 13 various characters

Count words

Don't confuse character count with word count. Word count is the actual number of words in your text.

Let's take a random example to understand the difference between character and word count. In "Freenerdtools provide online web tools", the word count is five, and the characters count is thirty-eight.

In this sentence, "Freenerdtools", "provides", "online", "web", "tools" are five different words.

Count new lines

A newline is a character used to represent the end of a line of text and the beginning of a new line. Our tool will tell you the number of lines present in your text.

Count characters using Free Nerd Tools

Freenerdtools provides a free online tool that calculates the number of characters or letters in your writing piece. Apart from letter count, it can also be used as a word counter. It works perfectly on every device, i.e. your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Counting every single character or word is time-consuming and tiresome. Use our 100% free character counter and save your time and energy to make your life productive and constructive. Simply paste your text into the text area and hit submit

Why use our character counter tool?

This tool is user-friendly and very simple to use. Instead of detailed long paragraphs, it shows results in a simple way.

It is helpful in many writings, but it is an incredibly valuable tool when you write for something that has a character minimum or limit. Nowadays, on the internet, the character limit is extremely popular.

Popular limit cases are LinkedIn, eBay descriptions and Facebook, which you are all aware of. Our character counter will make sure that you don't accidentally go over limits or waste your precious time and efforts.

Moreover, the character and word count results will help writers out there better comprehend the length of their writing and work to display the pages of their writing in a specific way.

For the people who write for journals and newspapers where there is limited space, knowing these counts will assist them in presenting the most details in that limited space.

If you are a fresh graduate and are looking for a job, knowing the number of characters in your resume will allow you to get all the information you want onto a single page.

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