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Welcome to We offer an extensive suite of free, browser-based tools designed for a wide range of users. Our platform includes DNS and IP lookups, text and image converters, code minifiers, and more. Accessible on any modern browser, our tools enhance productivity without the need for installation.

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Checker tools

A collection of great checker-type tools to help you check & verify different types of things.

DNS Lookup Tool

DNS lookup tool provides access to all DNS records associated with a domain. You can find details about records associated with a particular web address using DNS Lookup.

IP Address Lookup

Use our free online IP address lookup tool to find geolocation, ISP, and other details of any IP address. Enter an IP and check its location now!

Whois Lookup

Use our Whois lookup tool to discover domain name details, view registration information, check availability, and keep your own domain information private.

URL Redirect Checker

Easily check and analyze URL redirects with our redirect checker tool. Ensure your redirections are accurate and proper with status codes like 301 and 302.

Password Strength Checker

Check the strength of your password for free with our online password strength checker. See how secure your password is and test its strength instantly.

Website Hosting Checker

Use our website hosting checker tool to enter a domain and find out who is hosting it, server location, hosting provider, and more. Discover the details of any website's hosting with just a URL.

Text tools

A collection of text content related tools to help you create, modify & improve text type of content.

Email Extractor

Easily extract email addresses from text content with this free Email Extractor Tool. Extract emails from various text sources and save them for easy contact management.

Case Converter - Transform Uppercase to Lowercase, Title Case, and More!

Use our case converter tool to easily switch between sentence case, lowercase, capitalize, uppercase, and more! Paste your text and convert with a click.

Character Counter - Calculate Character Count Online

Character Counter is a free online tool that helps you easily calculate the character count, word count, and lines in your text. Try our free online character counter today!

List Alphabetizer - Sort List in Alphabetical Order

Use our free online alphabetizer to easily sort any list in alphabetical order. Put any list in alphabetical order (A-Z or Z-A) with our free online tool.

Converter tools

A collection of tools that help you easily convert data.

Base64 to Image Converter

Convert Base64 to image online quickly and easily with this free tool. Decode base64 string into image format and download in PNG JPG, WEBP or GIF.

Morse Code Translator

Easily translate Morse Code to text and text to Morse Code with our free online translator. Convert text to Morse Code and vice versa in a single click.

Number to Words Converter

Convert numbers to words easily with our online tool. Enter a number, choose from multiple languages, and get the written equivalent instantly.

Generator tools

A collection of the most useful generator tools that you can generate data with.

Mailto Link Generator

Easily generate mailto links with subject, body, cc, and bcc using this mailto link generator. Create customized email links quickly and effortlessly.

YouTube Timestamp Link Generator

YouTube timestamp link generator allows you to generate YouTube links with an exact start time. Helpful when sharing a specific section of a YouTube video

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Generate Lorem Ipsum placeholder text with our Lorem Ipsum Generator. Create paragraphs of dummy text for your designs and layouts with this text generator.

Password Generator

Generate strong and secure passwords with our online strong password generator tool. Create random passwords to protect your online accounts today.

Random Number Generator

Generate random numbers within a custom range with high precision using our free random number generator. Pick a number easily with our RNG tool.

UUID v4 Generator

Generate version-4 UUIDs (universally unique identifiers) quickly and easily with our free online UUID v4 generator. Create random UUID instantly!

Unit converter tools

A collection of the most popular and useful tools that help you easily convert day-to-day data.

Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter

Easily convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit with our accurate and user-friendly online converter.

Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Easily convert Celsius to Kelvin with our online °C to K converter. Also, learn the formula and process for temperature unit conversion.


What people are saying

Jessica Fielding, Web Developer

As a web developer constantly juggling multiple projects, has been a game changer for me. The CSS and JS minifiers make my sites load faster and perform better. It's incredibly easy to use and totally free, which is hard to beat!

Mark Thompson, Network Engineer

The IP and DNS lookup tools on are incredibly reliable. I use them daily to troubleshoot client network issues efficiently. The accuracy and speed of these tools have made my job much easier.

Carlos Ramirez, Graphic Designer

I regularly use the image conversion tools on for my design work. The ability to quickly convert files from PNG to JPG without losing quality has streamlined my workflow tremendously. Highly recommend for any graphic designer!


Answers for your common questions

Absolutely! Every tool available on, including DNS lookup, text to speech, binary converter, random number generator, and more, is completely free. There are no hidden costs, and you can use these tools as often as you need without any restrictions.

No, you do not need to install anything on your computer. All of our tools operate directly in your web browser. This means you can access and use our extensive range of tools anytime and anywhere, provided you are connected to the internet. This approach ensures that our tools are accessible and easy to use, saving you time and enhancing your productivity.

Our tools are optimized for performance and compatibility with all modern web browsers. To ensure the best user experience, we recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. This compatibility allows you to achieve optimal results regardless of your choice of browser.

We offer a comprehensive suite of online tools designed to meet the diverse needs of developers, photographers, and general users. Our tools are categorized into various types including:

  • Checker/Lookup Tools: Perform DNS lookups, IP checks, URL redirect verifications, and Whois lookups.
  • Text Tools: Calculate text size, convert text to speech, alter case settings, and count characters.
  • Converter Tools: Convert Morse code, binaries, decimals, and images to base64 format.
  • Generator Tools: Generate random numbers, Lorem ipsum text, MD4 hashes, and secure passwords.
  • Developer Tools: Minify HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; format SQL; and validate JSON.
  • Image Manipulation Tools: Convert images between formats like PNG, JPG, AVIF, and more.
  • Unit Converter Tools: Convert units of temperature, speed, and more, including from Celsius to Fahrenheit and Kph to Mph.

If your questions are not addressed in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us at We are committed to providing excellent customer support and will respond to your inquiries promptly.