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What is text to base64 converter?

Text to Base64 converter is an online tool that converts any text to Base64 encoding and decodes Base64 to text, that is converting text into a basic ASCII string encoding any textual characters. Based on four 6-bit Base64 digits, Base64 represents binary data (which is eight bits of data) in sequences of 24 bits. Using Base64, binary data can be transmitted across channels in a standardized format without causing any changes or modifications.

What is base64 encoding?

In Base64 encoding, binary data is converted into a 6-bit character representation to represent it as an ASCII string. In order to transmit binary data, such as images and videos, over systems designed to share plaintext (ASCII) data, Base64 encoding is used.

This encoding facilitates binary data transmission through non-8-bit transport layers, such as mail bodies (which may muddle 8-bit values). For example, a typical text phrase 'Free Nerd Tools' can be represented as 'RnJlZSBOZXJkIFRvb2xz' in base64 format.

What is base64 decoding?

This process involves converting a 6-bit representation to binary data using a decoding algorithm. A decoding algorithm is the opposite of an encoding algorithm. Text encoded in ASCII is converted from a string of text into a sequence of bytes.

The decoding process begins with a sequence of bytes and ends with a text string. For example, a base64 string 'RnJlZSBOZXJkIG9mZmVycyBiZXN0IHRvb2xzLg==' when decoded reads 'Free Nerd offers best tools.'

Convert text to base64 online

Yet again, Free Nerd tools have simplified the complicated process of encoding text to base64 online. All it requires you to do is :

  • Go to our text to base64 converter tool.
  • Enter the text you wish to convert to base64 in the input field.
  • Select 'Encode' in the following section and click submit.
  • The converted output will be displayed almost instantly.

Convert base64 to text online

Our website also provides a free base64 to text converter.

Why convert string to base64?

Many binary data packets that are transmitted are misinterpreted by text-based systems (like email) and are lost or corrupted in the transmission process since they interpret binary data as a wide range of characters. In order to avoid such transmission problems, plain ASCII text encoded in Base64 format is one way. This method to encode this kind of binary data ensures safe, unchanged transmission of data.

In order to ensure that information is consumed appropriately, it is not necessary to keep it secret. An encoding process transforms data into a format that can be properly accessed by another type of system, for example, binary data sent over email or special characters displayed on a website. That is why it is important to convert strings to base64.

Is our base64 converter tool safe?

Using SSL encryption (HTTPS), Free Nerd provides a secure connection. Despite the fact that all the encoding and decoding is done right before your eyes, a log of your data is not kept. Neither Free Nerd Base 64 converter nor any third-party, stores or inspects any submitted data.

Using the Free Nerd Tools Base64 converter is as simple as it sounds. It decodes and encodes both from and to Base64 encoding. The Base64 converter makes encoding and decoding algorithms easy to process. As a result, the data is protected from modification during transport with this encoding.

Convert Image to base64

To convert image to base64, go to our image to base64 converter. Images encoded in Base64 are typically used to embed image data in other formats such as HTML, CSS, or JSON. As the image is automatically incorporated into the HTML document, there is no requirement to make a separate request to the server.

By reducing the size of the page, alongside a base64 image, and many other factors, website performance can be enhanced. By integrating image data into HTML code, the Base64 method minimizes server requests.

That is why before uploading on the website, the images are converted to base64 so that the website can function smoothly. For this purpose, there are multiple free online tools available.

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